Online Design Consultation

Are you stumped on decorating a particular room? I’ve been there and done that! No matter how I tried to get my bedroom just right, I wound up spending way too much time and money when what I really needed was just another perspective, another set of eyes!

I would love to help you on that room you just can’t seem to get right.  I can be that second set of eyes and help you find the best design and function for that room.  All you need to do is fill out a quick form, send me photos of your room along  with measurements and I’ll design a detailed plan.  I’ll give you a plan that includes specific furniture, window treatments, art and accessories and then you can decide whether you want to purchase specific items on your own.

Consultation for each room is $60.00 and you’ll receive your custom plan within 3 days.  Just email me at and we’ll get started!


When I decorate for any season, I use a lot of trays and baskets because they keep things contained – including all the mess. They also make things easy to transition from season to season. I just pick up the whole tray and take it to the work table I use for decorations and, presto change-o!

I like using natural things like pine cones and limbs from my yard, but I don’t like a lot of orange. But with the leaves in Middle Tennessee getting that light rust tinge thing going, I usually use some rusty colored leaves, white pumpkins, and small painted pumpkins.


The shallow tray (above) by the front door holds some painted pumpkins, acorns, dried grasses, and magnolia wreath


This lighted grape-vine pumpkin is in a clay pot (sitting in a shallow basket tray), and the easy arrangement on the table is in a dough bowl. I always look forward to putting out and using my brown Johnson Brothers dishes for fall and winter!


I haven’t done much on the front porch yet, but bought a HUGE yellow mum at a fall festival in my town over the weekend. I’ll work on that later this week after all our rain moves out.

Working on some ideas for a friend for her living room today. Researching online before hitting the stores or ordering online helps me make decorating decisions – I still do some impulsive shopping but not as much!


She has a large open living room that can easily handle a couch and a couple of chairs (either the chaise or the recliner, not both). She currently has a red couch that is showing  its age, and has wanted a slipcovered sofa for a while. She already has a muted light green patterned chair that will stay, and finding the chaise or recliner that goes well with the couch and chair is a challenge.  After choosing the style, she can pick out fabric for the chairs but she loves the white slipcovered sofas.

*No, I’m not getting paid by Josh & Main in spite of all the furniture shown here, but they have nice furniture and an easy website to maneuver around. Plus, these are examples for my friend to decide what she really wants to use.