Get Crafty

I usually try to have a small ornament for our Christmas Cookie Swap guests to leave with – last year and again this year I went with pre cut, pre-drilled wood slabs from Amazon. I can’t say enough about how easy these little ornaments are to make! Last year I just painted one side white and then stamped a Christmas design, and this year I used black acrylic paint to make it look like chalkboard paint, and then just hand-lettered Christmas words. To finish up, I just added a little twine in the pre-drilled hole. These little babies come ready to paint in a plastic box for only $10.95 for twenty pieces. Here’s the link: Bilapia Wood Slices, Wood Slabs, Unfinished Wood Circles for DIY Craft, 2~2.4 Inch, 20 PCS




Inexpensive Covered Ottoman

When you have an old brown and orange paisley chair and ottoman and your daughters even reject them, don’t throw away the ottoman! The chair will go to Salvation Army or ARC, but the stool got a make-over and a new home.


Mason kept a watchful eye as I worked on the project – and once again, I loved my folding table! I had an old off white quilted throw that fit over the ottoman perfectly. I simply laid the quilt over it and pinned it so that it fit each side and then stitched the sides on my sewing machine. (Please note: I am NOT a seamstress but I can do basic stitches on my little sewing machine. Even though I took two years of children’s sewing back in the day, I don’t really love to sew on a machine – I would much rather do things by hand!)


After I had the basic cover, I fitted it to the stool and knew it needed more.


So, off I went to Hobby Lobby and found a long (15 ft.) burlap ruffle that was $14.00 plus 50% off and thought it would make a great ruffle for the stool.  BTW, I LOVE Hobby Lobby and appreciate their strong Christian stance in this crazy mixed up world!  Next, I trimmed the cover to just the length of the stool and pinned on the ruffle.


The ruffle is really heavy, so I tacked it up by hand in a few places and then sent it to its new home!


Not bad for a couple of hours and a $7.00 investment!

Embroidery Love

I really enjoy doing needlework at night while watching tv – one of the very rare things that keeps me from snacking and grazing after 7 PM! I’ve been working on embroidering pillowcases for some special girls, and remembering when my mom taught me this beautiful, lost art many years ago.

These are two different pillowcase sets that I bought online at Amazon, Tobin Stamped Pillowcase, Sunflower Yo-Yo.

I don’t usually use the embroidery thread recommended (not included in this kit) because I match up the colors for the people I’m making them for. I also purchase plain pillowcases and pencil in my own designs if I need something different.

This is a fun, easy project that will hopefully be enjoyed by those special people who receive them!

Made with love!


This easy to make burlap wreath is perfect for fall decorating and takes just a few minutes to make. I found it on the post of Just Call Me Home Girl and made 4 of them for family. The hardest part is finding a wire coat hanger! The directions are below:


Wire coat hanger

Pliers or heavy scissors

5 yards of 3 inch burlap


Cut the hook off the wire coat hanger and shape the hanger into a circle. Next, weave the wire hanger into the burlap going from the bottom to the top, then top to bottom with about 2 inches in between. Continue until you use all 5 yards of fabric. After you have your burlap on the wire form in a fashion that almost looks like a ruffle, tape the circle together (I used duct tape since it holds well). I wrapped the tape about 1-2 inches on each end of the wire but don’t use too much tape or the burlap won’t cover it.

After you connect the circle, you can attach a string for hanging and put a different color ribbon or other decoration on it. This makes about a 12 inch wreath and it’s a great smaller wreath for inside decorating!

I’ve attached a link to Pinterest for more wreath ideas. This is super easy and to see more: