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Hi! I’m enthralled with, interested in, passionate about, in love with houses and all things home! I have been as long as I can remember. I recall getting my mom’s Better Homes and Garden magazines and imagining how I would redo her beautiful front porch or my bedroom. I have a good eye but I’m not the neatest creator around, so I usually have to see it in place and then move things around until they tickle my fancy – this has always driven others crazy! I love to decorate, redecorate and spend time in my creation with those I love. Even though I make a lot of changes to my home, I feel very fortunate for all God has given me and I try to be a good steward by not overspending. I’ve done this on a shoe-string budget for many years, so I have lots of practice in using what I have or buying on the cheap. I’ll share ideas with you on this blog – it’s what I’m good at! Enjoying home! Linda

Bedroom Dilemma…..

Maybe we can blame it on the rain, or waiting for the supposed Code Red weather coming through this weekend,  or we can possibly blame it on the period after Christmas they call transitional, or as my daddy might say, … Continue reading

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Christmas Undone….

  That’s where the Christmas tree was.  I don’t know why this surprises me because it took me a week to decorate – but, it’s going to take me at least that long to un-decorate!  Box things up…..sit down and put … Continue reading

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Waiting for Christmas at Home

…This post should be entitled, “Keeping Myself Busy Until Christmas”.  My job is over until January, I’ve finished shopping and wrapping, everything is decorated, fudge has been made (several times), grocery shopping done for several holiday get-togethers, and I don’t … Continue reading

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Home-made Pom Poms

  Well, I try not to covet, be too envious, or have my “want button” turned on too much, but I’ve always really wanted liked one of those throws from Pottery Barn with pom poms.  They’re so cute and even whimsical. … Continue reading

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Cheap and Easy Christmas Decorations

Back when my girls were little and I was a stay-at-home mother, my favorite mantra was “Necessity is the mother of invention”.  I really liked creating and decorating but was on a very limited budget and probably drove everybody crazy … Continue reading

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“Vintage” Christmas Memories from Home

                                  Vintage Christmas card, photo by Zero Discipline, flickr  I just love seeing old Christmas pictures on Pinterest, and then seeing the word vintage … Continue reading

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Christmas in October

Well, not really!  I’m just getting some ornaments ready for our Cookie Swap the first of December. I usually try to make some kind of little ornament for those sweet girls who give up their Saturday morning to start celebrating … Continue reading

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Fall Wreath Ideas from Home….

I was looking for some new ideas for making a new fall wreath and thought I’d share some ideas I’ve run across.   I don’t just use wreaths on outside doors, but use them inside on mirrors, windows, and on … Continue reading

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Fall all over…..except outside!

Ok, I fought it!  I didn’t give in.  Everybody else was doing it, but I held firm.  This girl was raised better! Everybody I saw online was decorating for fall way back in August. Hobby Lobby, Dollar Store and practically … Continue reading

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Why on Earth Do I Use Cloth Napkins Everyday?!

Yeah, I know…….you get asked that question every day too!  Actually, I’ve been asked that several times lately, and friends might look at me strangely and act like I’m kinda crazy to create more laundry and possibly ironing (no on … Continue reading

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