An Organized Life – Black or Blue, or Black or Blue?

Unless you’re old and need reading glasses or a flashlight to even get dressed, this post may not be for you!  I have a fairly nice walk-in closet with a pretty chandelier that gives off plenty of light….but when I get ready to get dressed, I have a really hard time telling the difference in my black and navy blue clothes. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten dressed, started to the car and ONLY in the daylight do I notice I have on navy pants with a black striped top!

I’ve tried hanging them in different places – the black on the right side of my shirts, the navy on the left. Only problem with that is I forget if it’s the right or left that has the black. Yeah, I know, it’s another of my first world problems: If I only had one pair of pants I wouldn’t have this problem!  But if you’re like me, summer brings on capris, Bermuda shorts, and dress pants in both colors.  

So, in accordance with my orderly life, I made some clip art tags. I simply googled pants and went from there. 

After I made the tags, sweet Sarah laminated them with her handy dandy laminator, and I was ready to attach them. I tried attaching with clothespins, but that seemed cumbersome – hold the hanger, unclip,  find a place for both pieces and return the hanger. 

Not all the pants have pockets, so that little idea went out the window. Finally, I decided to punch a hole in the tag, run a little ribbon through and attach it to the hanger. That way when I remove the pants, the tag stays with the hanger.  If you don’t want to go to that much trouble or if you don’t have access to a computer and printer, you can simply skip the tag and buy some small rolls of ribbon at Hobby Lobby – blue for your blue clothes – everything else dark is black!

I don’t really think I’m any more OCD than anyone else, but I sure love things in their place, plus I’ve always felt that “necessity is the mother of invention”, so these two concepts generally go hand in hand with my organization. 

So, in my way of thinking – if you have a problem you can fix, go for it!


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