Decorating Dilemma Part 2

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Well, I finally got tired of whining and wondering what to do about my dark bedroom! I lived with that mistake for 3-4 years but every time I walked in the room I thought about painting it a lighter color. Now , let me explain……I’ve owned houses for around 45 years (yeah, I know I’m that old!) and I’ve always painted them myself with some exceptions. My daughter Sarah has painted a lot of rooms for me but she’s way too busy these days, and I’ve paid painters a couple of times over the years. But every time I looked at it, I thought – it’s just a plain brown box, how could it be so hard?!? So, off I went to Sherwin Williams!

Accessible Beige

Once I organized all my brushes, rollers, tape, drop cloths and ladder, I began the hard work. After a few trips up the ladder (10 feet up to the tray ceiling), I remembered why I no longer paint! Oh, my aching knees! Sitting down and trimming around the baseboard wasn’t too bad for a few minutes, but that was killing my bad back.

I persisted though, and two days later…..voila, I finished!


A couple of tips –

  1. Start with a plan – I thought I could handle doing one wall at a time. Kinda like eating an elephant – do it one bite at a time. That made the project seem less daunting. I left the bed wall to the last day because I needed help moving it, so I made a plan that worked pretty well.
  2. It’s all in the tools – After trying an edger around the ceiling and lots of touching up my messes with ceiling paint, I bought a slant bristle brush and it was like night and day, sooo much easier and more efficient.
  3. It’s also all in the paint – I used to buy cheap but I’ve learned over the years how much better more moderately priced paint covers. Love the color I chose after looking at so many (Accessible Beige). I also really like Sherwin Williams. They have a great website where you can type in the color and it shows it in a room. It’s really pretty close to accurate.
  4. Use lots of drop cloths – With new wood floors in that room, I took extra care covering them up.
  5. Tape vs. don’t tape – I bought the tape but I trim pretty well along the baseboards and door facings. But, by the end of the second day I was taping around the doors because I had started getting a little too messy.

All in all, I’m really glad I didn’t spend the money to have it done, but would I do it again? Never say never, but I may just be a little too old to tackle such a big job. Ask me when I get tired of this color!!


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