An Organized Life – Organize Jewelry with Special Dishes

I’ve tried plastic egg cartons, little boxes with compartments, medicine boxes with flip lids, and old fashioned ice trays (the plastic ones, not the metal ones – I described them as old fashioned because most people have ice makers in their fridges).  

Better Homes and Gardens

I now use some pretty little bowls, cups and saucers to organize and store my jewelry. These days I don’t wear quite as many pieces of jewelry as I did when I was a principal. Most of my things would look a little odd these days with my current choice of  t-shirts and jeans!  But, I do keep most of my bracelets, necklaces and earrings for those rare times I dress up. 

I learned a long time ago that we shouldn’t wait for “some day” to  use our best things, but we should enjoy those things today. I inherited some pretty little dishes and bowls from my mama and was gifted some beautiful cups and saucers from a sweet grandparent over the ten years I was a principal. I love to use both of these everyday.  Using these little dishes have the extra benefit of reminding me of these special ladies every day. I’m sure they have no real financial value, but instead of keeping these little pretties for “some day”,  I use them to organize my jewelry.  

They’re a perfect size for my dresser drawer and they bring such a feminine perspective to my bedroom. I use a drawer because it’s the perfect storage solution of choice – in case you’ve never used a drawer for jewelry, it puts all of its contents on full display with just a pull of the handle. (Isn’t it kinda like watching a jeweler opening the jewelry drawer to show you something!?!).

I also use a pretty cake stand on top of the dresser to keep my “everyday” things I wear when I go out shopping, visiting, etc. That way I’m not constantly deciding what to wear because I always grab my watch, rings, earrings and bracelets.

Take a look around and see what you have tucked in a cabinet or hutch, but the best thing about using bowls for this project is that you can find them anywhere, and use any mix of color you’d like! I’m sure  that you could find a nice variety at your local Goodwill or thrift store. Maybe you have some little treasures just waiting to be rediscovered in your cabinets that would work perfectly to help organize your life!


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