An Organized Life – Organization Tips for the Kitchen

I’ve taken a few personality tests over the years and they all point to “perfectionistic traits”. Now, I would NEVER consider myself a perfectionist – I can be a real wreck at times, I can’t seem to lose all this weight, I HATE to clean house – but the most recent Enneagram test described #1 “The Rational, Idealistic Type: Principled, Purposeful, Self-Controlled, and Perfectionistic” was my number one result. How can that be?!? I simply think I’m an organizing nut and keep organizing until I consider things perfect!

That seems fairly accurate when it comes to finding ways to organize my kitchen cabinets. I keep things pretty much where they fit and go by the mantra of “everything has a place and everything in its place”. That’s true EXCEPT when it comes to my Tupperware cabinet! Here’s the current situation – hardly perfect!

I turned to Pinterest for some ideas on getting those little square plastic boxes and lids together and organized. Here are a few ideas –

Source Wayfair
Source Kitchen
Source Rubbermaid from KraftMade

I really like all of these, but I have a full bottom cabinet rather than a drawer. I saw a suggestion of using book crates or dish draining type containers to keep lids and bowls together and those appealed to me. I don’t like hunting down tops and then checking to see if the lid fits. I want the two pieces stored together. Lids seem to be like lost socks around here!

Source Better Homes and Gardens

Source Bed, Bath and Beyond

I picked up a couple of small plastic crates at a Dollar Store and tried my own system.

I can keep all the tops and bowls together, put the larger containers in the back, and still have room for the colander and strainer. Much neater and only $2.00 for two little boxes. Maybe not perfect, but good for now! Now, onto organizing my fridge! Have a great Saturday.


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