Helpful Resources for Home

In my last post I shared my dilemma issue with to paint or not to paint my bedroom, and how to break out of my Big Brown Box. I don’t know what I did before using my iPad or iPhone when making these choices! I like to take pictures on blogs and Pinterest to get ideas when making these decorating decisions. It’s not that I don’t trust my own eye, but somehow these pictures give me a kind of second opinion. Here are a couple of pictures I considered for paint without going to the actual paint store.

Resource #1 IPad or iPhone.

I find pictures of rooms with paint colors I like, then hunt down the name and brand of the color. Sherwin Williams also offers larger swatches of paint to use to help you make the decision.

These swatches are larger than the little paint fans and help me get a better feel for how the color would look on the wall. I still have to factor in the amount of light I have vs the light in some of these pictures, but it helps my decision making.

Now, all that to say…..I haven’t decided to bite the bullet yet. Painting is expensive and/or time-consuming so it’s a BIG decision for me and it’s still on hold for now!

Resource #2. Rug websites

While deciding whether to paint, I also knew I wanted to add a little extra color to my mostly neutral bedroom. I thought I’d like to layer a smaller rug on top of my jute rug in there and used this website, Well Woven Rugs, to see how certain styles would look. You can take a picture of your room and try out the rugs in your own room. Love it!! Here’s a rug I tried out.

This was so much fun playing with! I didn’t wind up buying anything from Well Woven, but I’d recommend it for trying out styles, plus the prices are really reasonable and they offer a great number of reviews from customers. It helped me decide if I could use a patterned rug in my room. This is actually the rug I chose from Home Depot. I saw it on their website and they happened to have it in stock and on sale! Unbeknownst to me, Home Depot now has a pretty extensive line of furniture and rugs, in addition to all things home. I decided to go for a larger size instead of putting it on top of the jute rug (long story, but the jute rug had a problem with Mason!). This rug also has a little blue and other muted colors in it, so that helps break the all neutral color of my bedroom (AKA Big Brown Box).

So, hope these resources help you when you’re looking to redo/add to/renovate a room in your home. Happy Home!! Linda


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