Decorating Dilemma or Can’t Get No Satisfaction….

I’ve lived in my current  house 11 years and I still can’t get it right!  If you’re like me,  we eventually get satisfied with the layout of our rooms after some minimal shuffling of furniture.  Even if we don’t love it, we give up and say, ok, this is just where the bed will be. But not me.  I’m stubborn.  I’ve tried the bed on virtually every wall and there’s only one wall where it will actually fit. I even went to Modsy (a neat online service where you send the dimensions and pictures of the room and they send back a design). Yep, they put the bed on the same wall!  NOT the wall I want it on, but ok, I give up on this issue. ✔️

CEB09D03-E8E6-45D8-84AE-54992520008A              0C73374A-3A40-45B1-9E5D-CAD83C02FC41

If y’all know me at all you know my “If You Give A Mouse a Cookie” style of decorating….and, now I’m dissatisfied with the paint color. With only one window in the room the paint I chose 4 or 5 years ago is simply too dark. It’s a perfectly nice color – Alexandria Beige – but just not in there.  I had the carpet replaced with wood floors so now I have a brown box. Oh my!

So, with obviously too much time on my hands I’m searching for a new color.  I don’t like that I’m focusing on a first world problem again, but who am I kidding?  I am!

Hope y’all are having a deeper, more productive and satisfying way of spending your week.  I’ll holler when I find that elusive solution!


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