Bedroom Dilemma…..

Maybe we can blame it on the rain, or waiting for the supposed Code Red weather coming through this weekend,  or we can possibly blame it on the period after Christmas they call transitional, or as my daddy might say, maybe I simply just have too much time on my hands. I prefer to think it’s my “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” personality!  As you can see, even Mason is indifferent and disinterested in this subject!


Do y’all have a lot of trouble decorating just ONE of your rooms?  You’re just never really satisfied no matter what you do. I’m totally that way with my bedroom.  I’ve had so much trouble getting this room exactly like I want it on a somewhat limited budget. As for my cookie and mouse issue – I  changed out an old painted  dresser I had in the living room with an older armoire that I had on the other side of the room.  When I did this, I moved a small chest into my room and thought it would give me more room for a chair – it didn’t.


This is my latest problem – where to stack my huge pillow shams at night.  Ok, I should have warned you, this is a first world problem for sure!

My room isn’t terribly big so there’s no room for a big chair to stack them in.  I tried this one, but it just felt at an odd angle.


I’ve tried several arrangements and can’t figure out what I want.  (I can’t just put them on the floor because I don’t keep the carpet all that clean, plus I have a 14 year old chihuahua, Mason, with a hiking habit).  So, today I’m trying a small chair and a basket.  When I’m decorating I always take pictures.  Thanks to the iPhone, I can edit and usually make better decisions from pictures than with just my eye.


Not sure if any of these are what I want. Oh well, maybe I’ll just start sleeping with all four pillow shams plus my sleeping pillows on the bed.  I’ll either suffocate or Mason will give up and sleep on the floor himself.  That’ll teach him!!

Hope your Friday is as low-key and fun as mine!  I’ll be getting up now and doing something more productive…….




About lindafm51

Hi! I’m enthralled with, interested in, passionate about, in love with houses and all things home! I have been as long as I can remember. I recall getting my mom’s Better Homes and Garden magazines and imagining how I would redo her beautiful front porch or my bedroom. I have a good eye but I’m not the neatest creator around, so I usually have to see it in place and then move things around until they tickle my fancy – this has always driven others crazy! I love to decorate, redecorate and spend time in my creation with those I love. Even though I make a lot of changes to my home, I feel very fortunate for all God has given me and I try to be a good steward by not overspending. I’ve done this on a shoe-string budget for many years, so I have lots of practice in using what I have or buying on the cheap. I’ll share ideas with you on this blog – it’s what I’m good at! Enjoying home! Linda
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2 Responses to Bedroom Dilemma…..

  1. carriemickle says:

    Wow! Your bed looks amazing! I also love the dresser in there. I like the original chair, but if it gets on your nerves, I get it.

  2. Linda says:

    You know me – I may move it back in there by afternoon! Another reason I don’t buy heavy furniture any more!!

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