Home-made Pom Poms


Well, I try not to covet, be too envious, or have my “want button” turned on too much, but I’ve always really wanted liked one of those throws from Pottery Barn with pom poms.  They’re so cute and even whimsical.  Here’s one –


Wouldn’t that look really cute on the end of my sofa?!  Instead, I had this warm, utilitarian cable knit throw that was useful to keep my toes warm, but once I saw how easy it was to make pom poms, I just had to do it.


I bought a skein of off-white yarn for $3.00 at Joann’s and got to work.  This is medium weight yarn (4 oz) and I bought it solely for its cheap price.  I made about 40 pom poms and used about 3/4 of the skein.


According to several sets of instructions on Pinterest, you simply wind the yarn around a credit card anywhere from 35-50 times, tie off, clip the stray ends and voila, pom pom magic!  If you’ve never made a pom pom, it really IS that easy!

I included some pictures with the steps and just tried several different sizes of pom poms based on how many times I wound the yarn.  I wanted them larger so I settled on 60 times for each.  Don’t wind the yarn too tightly or it will be difficult to remove from the card. (This is a standard 50×60” throw and I made ten poms for each end and eleven for each side, counting the corners.)

Next, you slip the yarn off the credit card and tie it off with a 6” piece of yarn.


After I made several of these, I decided to tie it before I removed it from the card, then flipped it over and tied it again.  I felt that this made it easier to remove and by tying it twice, it felt more secure.  I suggest you see which works best for you.  Here’s  one after it’s tied off.


Next, simply take your scissors and cut through all the loops. Next, I trimmed up the pom pom.  Here I suggest again you try several and see what look you want.  I wanted big and chunky so I didn’t trim too much.

Finally, I laid out the throw and started tying the two tails of the pom poms on through the loose knit cable starting at the corners. I used the note paper as a guide and figured it was around 6” long.  As long as you use some kind of guide and space them equally, it should work out fine.  If your throw isn’t loose knit, you could easily stitch them on.


Now for a disclaimer – This isn’t my primary throw that I use all the time and I would be careful with machine washing this. Even though I tied the poms several times to make them secure, I would use this more as a layer for my sofa. Of course even though Mason has taken a liking to it, I would be careful cleaning it!

Hope you can use this little inspiration to add to a plain throw you have around your house. What’s a home without a little whimsy!?


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