“Vintage” Christmas Memories from Home


                                Vintage Christmas card, photo by Zero Discipline, flickr 

I just love seeing old Christmas pictures on Pinterest, and then seeing the word vintage beneath them.  I often wonder when I became vintage!  I remember when I would sit down at the kitchen table with a notepad, pencil and a box of Christmas cards with Santa on the cover and try to draw him.  With my parents decorating the house around me, I would zone in on copying that card.

Here’s another picture from Pinterest of Santa selling my favorite beverage.  I blame him for my addiction to caffeine – wonder if there’s a lawsuit out there somewhere?Can’t you just look at these pictures and imagine he’s real!?!  He just got home from his long trip and he’s greeted by Mrs. Claus and a Coke – plus that little reindeer!


I loved pictures of the Nativity and the simple presentation of Baby Jesus.



But seriously, as we approach the Christmas season again, and before we get all wrapped up with presents –  yep, I said tongue in cheek – whether you’re vintage or not, I  hope you stop and welcome old childhood memories as they flood across your paths.

The pictures don’t just remind me of the symbols of Christmas, but of that sweet little family I was a part of and that I then tried to create.  They remind me of sitting around the kitchen table with those Christmas cards and limited artistic abilities as Mama and Daddy pulled decorations in cardboard boxes out of the attic.  The pictures also remind me of pulling out my Nativity and Old Santa for my own children and trying to recreate the sweet memories of my childhood.  I guess being vintage isn’t all that bad as long as I can still remember those sweet times.



Enjoying Home,



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