Christmas in October

Well, not really!  I’m just getting some ornaments ready for our Cookie Swap the first of December. I usually try to make some kind of little ornament for those sweet girls who give up their Saturday morning to start celebrating Christmas – and sharing delicious cookies – with my girls and me.  This is #22 or #23 for this annual tradition but I start early getting the ornaments ready.

I went to my favorite resource, Pinterest, and found these ornaments that are easy but also use my favorite craft – embroidery.


Resource: Flamingo Toes and Isa Sin appelido 

I thought these looked easy enough, so I ordered two sets of 3” wooden hoops from Amazon (Art Cove, 12 pieces for $14.77), pom poms (Blulu Pompoms, 500 pieces for $6.99),  and bought some black cotton fabric (1 yard was plenty for this project) from Hobby Lobby and off I went!

First, I free-handed the words onto the black fabric with a white colored pencil (if I was using a lighter fabric I could have put the pattern underneath it and traced, but the black was too dark).  I used the patterns provided by Flamingo Toes below:




I traced around the 3” hoop and added enough to actually stay in the hoop and traced a second piece for the backing.  It doesn’t look black here, but trust me it is!


Then I started stitching with embroidery thread divided into 3 threads.


Once they were all finished, I hot-glued on the backing above, glued on the pom poms and looped the ribbon through.   This shows the backing via Flamingo Toes:



Flamingo Toes used braid with pom poms attached,  but I went the cheaper route and used individual ones.   Here they are drying in my office –  24 all finished!

Hope you’re enjoying the end of October and getting some great ideas and inspiration for December!


About lindafm51

Hi! I’m enthralled with, interested in, passionate about, in love with houses and all things home! I have been as long as I can remember. I recall getting my mom’s Better Homes and Garden magazines and imagining how I would redo her beautiful front porch or my bedroom. I have a good eye but I’m not the neatest creator around, so I usually have to see it in place and then move things around until they tickle my fancy – this has always driven others crazy! I love to decorate, redecorate and spend time in my creation with those I love. Even though I make a lot of changes to my home, I feel very fortunate for all God has given me and I try to be a good steward by not overspending. I’ve done this on a shoe-string budget for many years, so I have lots of practice in using what I have or buying on the cheap. I’ll share ideas with you on this blog – it’s what I’m good at! Enjoying home! Linda
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4 Responses to Christmas in October

  1. carriemickle says:

    Looks so cute! I can’t wait to get mine!

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