Christmas in October

Well, not really!  I’m just getting some ornaments ready for our Cookie Swap the first of December. I usually try to make some kind of little ornament for those sweet girls who give up their Saturday morning to start celebrating Christmas – and sharing delicious cookies – with my girls and me.  This is #22 or #23 for this annual tradition but I start early getting the ornaments ready.

I went to my favorite resource, Pinterest, and found these ornaments that are easy but also use my favorite craft – embroidery.


Resource: Flamingo Toes and Isa Sin appelido 

I thought these looked easy enough, so I ordered two sets of 3” wooden hoops from Amazon (Art Cove, 12 pieces for $14.77), pom poms (Blulu Pompoms, 500 pieces for $6.99),  and bought some black cotton fabric (1 yard was plenty for this project) from Hobby Lobby and off I went!

First, I free-handed the words onto the black fabric with a white colored pencil (if I was using a lighter fabric I could have put the pattern underneath it and traced, but the black was too dark).  I used the patterns provided by Flamingo Toes below:




I traced around the 3” hoop and added enough to actually stay in the hoop and traced a second piece for the backing.  It doesn’t look black here, but trust me it is!


Then I started stitching with embroidery thread divided into 3 threads.


Once they were all finished, I hot-glued on the backing above, glued on the pom poms and looped the ribbon through.   This shows the backing via Flamingo Toes:



Flamingo Toes used braid with pom poms attached,  but I went the cheaper route and used individual ones.   Here they are drying in my office –  24 all finished!

Hope you’re enjoying the end of October and getting some great ideas and inspiration for December!


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