Fall Wreath Ideas from Home….

I was looking for some new ideas for making a new fall wreath and thought I’d share some ideas I’ve run across.   I don’t just use wreaths on outside doors, but use them inside on mirrors, windows, and on old shutters to bring a softer fall to the house. These wreaths are all a little more fragile and they’d be perfect inside. They all look pretty easy to make and as usual for me, won’t cost a fortune!

This is such a cute idea that I saw on Better Homes and Garden’s website.  It would be easy to make and you might already have a framed chalkboard sitting around the house you could use.  It would also be cute with just an empty frame with some fall flowers around it.


Better Homes and Gardens

This one is also from BHG and is made from Pistachio shells of all things!  I love the natural look of this, but can’t imagine gluing all those little shells onto a form.  I assume this would be a straw wreath underneath and would require lots of patience  –  but how pretty when finished!


Better Homes and Gardens

I’m sure you’ve seen these gorgeous wreaths that are made from dried hydrangeas on Pinterest lately. The first one is from BHG and the second is from Pinterest. If you’re lucky enough to have a hydrangea bush, you could pick those that are drying right now and hot glue the blossoms onto a grapevine wreath and voila- a beautiful fall wreath!

Better Homes and Garden                          Pinterest

The next one is from Pinterest and uses a 5-6” wooden embroidery hoop. I’ve seen a lot of these recently and think you could put anything on there and it would be so easy.  This is just a few eucalyptus branches and a few little faux or real pumpkins. I also like the little Hello Fall frame they attached!




The last two wreaths can can be found on my blog, a burlap wreath and one made with a drop cloth. Both of these are simple to make and the directions are right here!


I hope these examples give you some inspiration to bring fall inside. The leaves aren’t changing much in my neck of the woods,  and the temp is still hovering around 90 degrees, so we get autumn around here wherever we can!


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