Fall all over…..except outside!

Ok, I fought it!  I didn’t give in.  Everybody else was doing it, but I held firm.  This girl was raised better! Everybody I saw online was decorating for fall way back in August. Hobby Lobby, Dollar Store and practically everywhere I looked had their fall decor out while I was still going swimming and wearing white.


Now don’t get me wrong – fall is by far my favorite season of the year (except Christmas week, which isn’t actually a season and I really don’t like winter very much anyway).  I love everything about fall….the smell of dried leaves, the trees changing colors, the overall change in the landscape, the quilts on the bed, the smoke from the chimneys. You get it – I’m a fall person. But, fall in my area of the south doesn’t usually arrive until late September.  Just look at this week’s weather:


I know we get tired of the near 100 degree temps and want to usher in fall primarily to cool us off around here, but I held fast to the September 1st self-imposed rule. Fall arrived on my front door on that day,  and other decorations started piling into my home shortly thereafter. (I decided to go more simple and less like autumn threw up overtook my house this year, but as I walked by the crates in the garage I just felt guilty to think about all those leaves and little painted pumpkins I made last year, so they made their way into the house too).



Look at that little cutie peeking around the couch!  Trust me, once I started I couldn’t stop inside. I had to do both the porches!



That’s my soap box for today – there’s a natural rhythm to seasonal decorating that shouldn’t be disturbed. Whew!  I feel better.  Now, if you’re one of those energetic “non-fall-purist”  people, just remind me of that soap box on November 1st when I start playing Christmas songs, burning those delicious smelling candles and suddenly, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!