Poster Art…All’s Well That Ends Well

I’d been wanting to add a little color to my neutral bedroom and master bathroom lately, and had been seeing some ocean prints that I really liked. Here’s one that caught my eye on Houzz:

I really like the muted colors of this one on canvas, but since we had just returned from the beach/es I scrolled through my own pictures. As I was discussing this with my daughter Sarah, she produced one of our pictures in a muted, faded way using an app she discovered a while back.  This is a picture of the old Cockspur Lighthouse at Tybee:


While I love this picture, it wasn’t the ocean scene I wanted. To get this printed on 12×12 canvas it would cost $49.00 at Shutterfly.  Too expensive for so small.  So, Sarah kept researching until she found a company, Canvasdiscount.com,  and sent me a sample of a larger canvas.


This 20×30 canvas was $43.00 and was the muted look I wanted of my very own print of our favorite coastline. I love that when I look at this print it brings back real memories of MY summer, not some random beach scene.  The canvas was delivered within the week and this is where the Success or Epic Fail begins!

The canvas arrived and was a HUGE SUCCESS!  It was beautiful and a perfect size!  The fail was all me – not the canvas!  As I’ve told my children many times, I don’t love canvases. To me they look a little too unfinished and even modern – so why on earth did I do that?!?!  I just got sucked into those pictures on Houzz and didn’t think about my own personal style. As usual, I should have thought it through a little better, but here’s the success……I went to Hobby Lobby, found a 20×30″ frame at half-price and this is the rest of the story!


Even though I could have probably saved a lot of money and just bought a 20×30 print not canvas, it all turned out fine in the end. I really like the brushed metal frame and the picture will be a reminder of my beautiful beach at Tybee. I’ll just think I paid full price for the frame and imagine that made up for ordering the canvas instead of a print.  All’s well that ends well in Linda-land!


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