You rule the raging of the seas….

As many of you do on vacation, when I was at the beach last week I walked down to the beach one morning and just walked in the edge of the water for a while. While my preferred situation is sitting by the pool that overlooks the ocean – I love the look, smell, and sound of those roaring waves! I’m always amazed at the immensity, the awesomeness, the beauty of the sea.  As I walked along,  I marveled at how loud the waves are, how totally engulfed you feel by their crashing around you, but at the same time, how quiet and reverent it seems.

I’m grateful for another visit to the ocean, another fill-up of the wonder of that particular part of creation, but mostly,  I’m reminded of the wonderful Creator – The Lord Almighty!


    O Lord God of hosts, who is mighty as you are, O LORD, with your faithfulness all around you? You rule the raging of the sea; when its waves rise, you still them. Psalm 89:8-9


Who knew?!?


Who knew you could do so much with an old vinyl floor without replacing it for $$ and do it so quickly?  (All those years ago, I lived with ugly vinyl bathroom floors but didn’t have the money to replace them because the bathrooms were at the bottom of my list of needs)….but, along comes my “younger” and she tried something I never even thought about.  She painted both of her vinyl-clad bathroom floors!

Here’s a before picture of bathroom #1 with vinyl tile squares.  It wasn’t a bad floor, but she wanted a new updated look:


She researched on our favorite resource site, Pinterest of course, and got some ideas of the type of paint to use. First, she painted the whole floor with white primer – after taping off the baseboards, vanity, and commode. She let it dry a few hours, and then painted the floor the white base color.  This picture is after the primer only and you can still the lines of the tiles through the primer:


After letting the base coat dry for around 24 hours, she started the hardest step with her Frog tape. Sarah really wanted stripes, and with her steady hand and eyes, she marked off the size of the stripes she wanted with a tape measure and pencil. Next, she taped off for the lines. She amazes me with how straight she got everything at first try. This step took a lot of planning because she had to take into consideration the size of the tape itself into the equation of gray stripe vs. white stripe.


Now she was ready to start painting the gray stripe. Here’s the Porch, Floor and Patio paint she bought that was recommended throughout Pinterest.  It comes in a variety of colors and she used latex satin light gray for the stripe and latex satin white for the base coat which is the white stripe.  She bought the Valspar paint from Lowe’s for $15.00ish for each quart.  She had more than enough for this floor and another I’ll show in a minute.




Now, in my opinion, this next one was the hardest step – waiting for the floor to dry before pulling up the tape. I think in retrospect Sarah would say to wait a full day before doing this, but somebody may have jumped the gun and done it much sooner!    Here’s the finished floor.  Look at the great finished update.   It’s so beachy clean and fresh looking:


I love it!  After it dried well, she went in with a tiny craft brush and touched up some of the places where the paint bled under the tape, but that was just in  a few places. So, this ingenious girl moved to her next bathroom with a very similar floor,  and decided to add a narrow navy stripe to the gray and white she used here.


This is a much bigger bathroom and adding in another stripe took a little more “figuring”, but it turned out so striking!

Here’s the finished floor #2:


I love this one even more than the first one!  The navy stripe added more depth and gave it a totally different look. I loved it, and so did someone else…..


When Sarah went in to clean her brushes after the primer coat, sweet little Murphy just had to figure out what his mommy was up to. Then he had to be comforted by her because she may have shrieked when she saw his little foot prints!


Sarah says so far so good with the floors. It’s only been finished for a couple of weeks, but seems to be holding up really well.  She may decide to put a coat of poly on it because she’s used to a slicker feel for the floor, but hasn’t yet. According to Pinterest, people are still generally pleased after a year of walking on these painted vinyl floors.  We’ll let you know with a follow-up in a few months.

I’m glad my girl is brave in the decorating arena (not so much with her courage in riding motor bikes, kayaking, etc.!). Instead of living with a floor you don’t like but aren’t ready to take on a big budget renovation, try something different.  That’s always been my mantra – necessity IS the mother of invention!