Random Thoughts from Home….

Random thought #1:  I’ve been stuck with updating my blog lately. I blame it on the weather – 30’s one day, 70’s the next, cloudy, sunny, tornadoes, hail, snow – all within one week – literally all within one day!  While I love my Middle Tennessee home, Spring is NOT fun!  We get a taste of it with buttercups, forsythia, lilies and trees budding.  We get the first mow of the season, lay 30 bags of mulch to make the yard pretty (well, not me but a hard-working daughter), and then all the other stuff!   I’m not usually a complainer, but oh my!! I can’t even sit out on the porch! (Yes, that was just a huge self-absorbed problem I stated – I’m thankful for EVERY day!)

Random thought #2:  I just finished a great book, The Masterpiece,  by Francine Rivers for our book club.  I think I’ve read every book written by Francine Rivers and she never disappoints!

I also read Dispatches From Pluto, Lost and Found in the Mississippi Delta by Richard Grant that was recommended by a friend.  It is an enlightening, funny and very relevant non-fiction book that snuck up and made me think!

Random thought #3:  I love my little part-time job with WGU (Western Governor’s University).  Those of you who know me know how much I love retirement, but this little job (yep, it’s part-time but that is only a half day every two weeks) is coaching / supervising a student teacher after observing her six times during the semester.  I’ve been looking for something to make me feel productive in this season of life and fully believe that God would give me just what I need, and this little job fits my time and parameters so well!  Still wondering what else I’ll be when I grow up!



Random thought #4:  Doggy love!  Mason is getting ever so finicky with his eating and the doctor has tried prescription dog food that is so vile smelling and so expensive and that worked for about five minutes!  We tried a couple of brands and now we’re trying a home-cooked recipe.  Bless him!  I don’t even like to cook for my own human children, but Mason is another story!


Hope y’all enjoy this beautiful (even though it’s cold and partly cloudy) Friday and that you’re enjoying all the randomness in your life!



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