Happy Valentine’s Day from Home…


After so much rain these last few weeks, I really need some sunshine and flowers.  These tulips,  Valentine’s decorations, and puppy dogs don’t make up for all the clouds and rain, but it helps!



Fluffing a Nest….




I’m helping my oldest niece fluff her nest, aka refresh her house this week. She’s a beautiful inspiring girl with a busy, demanding job, a husband, 3 daughters, and 4 gorgeous grandchildren (with another due in a few short weeks).   She gives to her husband and family all the time, but rarely takes the time to spend on herself or her house.  All she had to do was mention that maybe I could help and I JUMPED at the chance!

She trusted me to do a walk thru last week, snap pictures! and give suggestions. Here’s the notes I made:

– [ ] Set curtains high in living room – single window curtains
– [ ] Put book cases flat on wall
– [ ] Possible: Scoot couch down toward bookcases. Buy new couch in future
– [ ] Possible: chair next to couch to mirror Jon’s recliner
– [ ] Picture for over couch – scenery you like.  Sarah will do
– [ ] Rug for LR
– [ ] Possible: move armoire to new home office
– [ ] Possible: move China cabinet to replace armoire – changed mind
[ ] Possible: buy vintage dresser/buffet for dining room- found another chest
– [ ] Paint fire place or put darker stain – talk to hubby
– [ ] Possible: Lamp for dining room if you buy a dresser  Stole from another room
– [ ] Curtains for sitting area
– [ ] Set curtains to ceiling
– [ ] Possible: Bigger lamps for table in front of window – Ordered
– [ ] 2 chairs and round ottoman for front of window- Ordered
– [ ] New light fixture in foyer
– [ ] Paint bedroom and trim-In process
– [ ] Paint bathroom and trim-In process
– [ ] Possible: Curtains for bedroom, set high 
– [ ] Move chest to wall with desk on it to make room for nightstands
– [ ] Center the bed so it’s pretty much all on the wall with 2 nightstands and 2 lamps
– [ ] Possible: Bedding- quilt and shams, duvet insert, duvet cover – Ordered
– [ ] Possible: Something pretty over bed
– [ ] Possible: Headboard Ordered

Now, let me just say, not everyone would appreciate someone else walking through their house and critiquing it this way.  I told her ahead of time that I would be honest and give lots of options.  She embraced my suggestions almost 100%!  She likes an eclectic/farmhouse/coastal look so I’ve surfed the net for ideas. Check what we’ve already accomplished with the marked through items. Here are a few of those possible options of rugs for her really cute sitting room:


We shopped around a lot for a couch and found a just perfect apartment full size sofa at B.F.Myers and ordered a couple of off-white linen arm chairs like these from Amazon for the sitting area.


We shopped her house and found a chest for the dining room and a couple of small tables to use by her bedside.  We ordered these Lamps Plus lamps from Amazon:


I also have these at my house and love them!

This has been a quick redo because once she decided she wanted to make the changes, she was “on a mission”!  I love her appreciation of every single change and every single suggestion. I also love texting and Face Time since we live about ten miles apart and we’ve kept these two technologies HOT for the last week.

Having that second set of eyes to help you make decisions is so important – I almost said fresh set of eyes, but who are we kidding?!?!  Hope you have someone in your life that you trust to be that second set!