Cheap and Easy Crafting from Home….



                       Drop Cloth Wreath                       



Needed for this wreath:

I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to use for this time of the year  – between snow and spring –  for my outside door.  I’ve seen a lot of wreaths made from white sweaters, burlap and other material ( I really like the sweater ones, but have a really hard time buying one just to cut up), and I’m not ready for spring flowers quite yet.  I saw some drop cloth wreaths on Pinterest and decided to try one since I had most of the supplies.  Take it from me, this was SOOO easy to make!

I bought a metal wreath form at JoAnn’s that was priced at $5.39 and was on sale for $3.19.  I already had the drop cloth so that’s where I started.

Several of the posts I saw said to cut strips 1 inch by 12 inches and then cut in two – 6 inches each.  I started out that way but I had a really hard time tying these onto the form that short, so I cut mine 1 inch by 8 inches.  I started with a ruler  and pencil marking the strips as you see above, but quickly started just estimating it. When you think you’ve cut enough strips – cut about 3 times that many!  I liked it when I tied the strips really closely together.  WARNING:  The drop cloth frays very easily and it leaves a pile of mess, so be prepared for lots of string! *If you use a sweater, you would cut and tie the same way as you do with the drop cloth.  The finished product is beautiful and looks soft and snowy.

Tying on the strips is very easy and mindless, but as I said, it’s very messy!  I like the strips close together and started with just one small area at a time.  The form has 4 or 5 tiers (or wire strips) and I started on the inside ring and then went to the next one up and finished with the outer ring last.  I worked in clusters and completed one cluster at a time.  I found it easiest to work with the ring lying on the table as I tied.


Once you finish a cluster, simply move to the next one.  When you’re through you can eyeball it and insert pieces anywhere you feel you need it.  You shouldn’t have any wire showing.    Here’s another picture of the completed wreath:


Of course, I couldn’t have finished this project without my little friend.  I always put a throw into the bottom drawer of my desk and he lies there and gives his opinion!


I love easy and cheap ideas and hope this inspired you to try it.  Good luck if you do!


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