Today from Home

Well, I “cleaned” my wood floors with my sock feet, started on and then gave up on cleaning up my garage and throwing half the junk in there away, I changed my sheets and I’m doing laundry…. and, as I look around out here I notice things need to be dusted, cleaned, and swept here too……….but as you can see in the picture, this is where my heart is today!



Yes, it’s only in the 50s on its way up to the mid-60s, but sitting here in a hoodie and socks (not the ones I cleaned with) and snuggling with a couple of puppies makes this old girl’s heart incredibly happy!  Feeling the sunshine and hearing the birds sing is such a nice treat from January in Middle Tennessee.

Just last week we were inundated  blanketed with 3-4 inches of beautiful snow, and this former teacher loved the Snow Day announcements each morning, even though I wasn’t going anywhere anyway!



It’s supposed to hit us again the end of next week, but for now, I’ll take the breeze, sunshine and birds. Isn’t God generous to give us so many weather opportunities in such a short time?!?  Hope you’re enjoying this Friday too!


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