Welcoming in a New Year at Home..

Ready for the big celebration?  In just a few hours we’ll watch the ball drop and give hugs and well wishes as one year ends and another begins.


Christmas 2017 is over and it’s almost time to usher in a new year!  Don’t we all look around and ask, where did the time go?  Home has gone from shiny ornaments on the tree and beautifully wrapped presents underneath, to trash stuffed in the trash can and a mad dash to the curb so it will be hauled away by the giant claw on the trash truck!


Christmas was almost a week ago and it seems like it was just yesterday!!  I had EVERY intention of organizing all my decorations as I put them up – I even took pictures of all the rooms so I’ll remember where everything goes, but I should have taken pictures of the “before” because I have totally forgotten how things looked before I decorated!

In this week between Christmas and New Years, I was able to spend more time with my daughters and other family, and my youngest daughter took me downtown to fulfill my wish of getting a cupcake out of an ATM machine (yep, the carbs came back into my life with a vengeance during the holidays and yep, I don’t dream very big these days!)


Now, as the hours of 2017 tick down and we prepare to welcome 2018, the serenity, and even solemnity, of these last days of the year help me focus again on the important things.  I hope you all have time to reflect, but not get stuck,  on the past, and look forward with hope to what lies ahead!

 Happy New Year from Home,



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