Adding Height to Your Tree…..

Do you have plenty of room to put Christmas gifts under your tree? No! That has been my complaint ever since I moved into this house (Warning: Yes, this post is really a first world problem!)

Over the years in other houses, I’ve either had lots of space around the tree or very minimal space.

These tree locations range from our earliest one cut fresh from a trek in the woods in South Carolina, to a table top tree in an apartment in Memphis, to ones in my children’s childhood home, to a couple from homes in between.  The childhood home,  thankfully, had the very best space considering the toys back then.

This year I finally tried to alleviate the problem in my current situation.  To be able to put the tree in front of a window, it’s in a corner of the living room that has very little “present” space, but with high ceilings I could move the tree up vertically to give more space underneath.  Below is my  tree from last year and this year – note the height of the very same tree:

It is the same tree in the very same space, but I was able to get a TON more presents underneath, behind, and around the tree, thanks to 4 small plastic crates and zip ties!

IMG_4230     Plus       IMG_4231

I tied 4 of these boxes together (these are from Amazon, http://amzn.to/2ATPRA4) and the tree sits sturdily on top.  Voila – a minor Christmas miracle!  Give it a try if you’re short on real estate too!


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