Little Christmas Memories at Home…


Oh what memories this picture brings to mind!  That’s me in the front with my sister and brother on Christmas morning. Look at that Gerber doll and the little pink stroller (of course this being a black and white print, you’ll just have to trust my memory on the color!). Of course my brother is also pointing the gun straight at my dad who was making the picture – be careful “you’ll shoot your eye out” was probably written for him!  This is circa around 1956 but it seems like yesterday as I look at those faces and remember our Christmas mornings in mama’s living room.

Do you decorate with memories in mind?  I no longer use a real tree like this one, but I’ve kept a few things from that time period.


This little Santa was an ornament that was used on our family tree when I was little and then passed on to me and used on my children’s tree when they were small. I don’t hold very tightly to “things” in my life, but this little fellow makes me smile every year as I pull him out and add him to my decorations.


Here’s another Santa that was my mom’s (second from he left). Who knows why he’s holding a dollar sign!  Probably as a reminder to not spend too much during Christmas. The other Santas were gifts from children I taught over the years.

One of my sweetest memories as a child was going to the Parthenon in Nashville every Christmas with my family. Harvey’s Department store provided this display and we would audibly gasp when we drove into Centennial Park and see this beautiful replica of the Nativity every year. The lights would change every few minutes going from white, blue, green, amber and red (I think those were the colors) and my sister and I would debate our favorite color over and over.  I’m still a sucker for the solid color lights – blue, green and white are my favorites!


I can’t even tell you how excited I was to see this print in an antique mall a few years ago – all those sweet memories of my mom and dad taking us on that little journey every year. What a blessing to have those memories!  Thanks to my girls, this print showed up on Christmas morning for me and it now hangs in my office.

I hope you have decorations that capture memories of your childhood,  and those memories that remind you of the love of your family and friends during this season!

Enjoying Home,



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