Today at Home on a Hill



Have you ever read, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” by Laura Numeroff?  It was one of my favorite books to read when I was a teacher, plus it has so many other books involving a moose and a muffin, a pig and a pancake, etc. that adapts to almost any lesson. It’s one of those sweet, predictable children’s stories that also translates into my decorating! (It can probably also translate into never being satisfied, but I take the 5th on that one. I prefer to think it has to do with my creativity!).

In the story, if you DO give a mouse a cookie, the mouse, of course, needs something else to go along with it. Yep, same with me. I can get a room decorated just fine, it feels good, it “clicks” all my boxes, but I can’t leave well enough alone. I just need one more thing – maybe one of those arched windows that are so popular right now, or a different duvet cover, which leads to different throw pillows, a different dust ruffle.  Wait!  Those curtains just don’t look quite as good as they did before!  I’ve even been known to paint a perfectly good bed because painted looks better with this bedding!

Well, one suggestion might be to just sit down until this passes……..but if you can shift things from room to room without spending much, it’s like creating brand new rooms.  Some people call this “shopping” their house, but I just call it fun – and that $108.00 duvet cover from Pottery Barn (on sale) can be the beginning of a fun adventure!


This is my bedroom last week – before the Pottery Barn catalog arrived.


This is the new duvet cover, and truthfully, I had been wanting a little color in here and wanted something a little warmer looking for fall and winter (plus look how great Mason looks on it!). And…..I shopped for something that would go with my fabulous new shams from The Wreath Stand!  So, I didn’t just purchase totally on the spur of the moment.


But, for the sake of the story, I had been getting really tired of the guest room all dressed up in pink and green, so, brown and green go pretty well together, right?  So, down the hall we go…….



Not quite through in here. I know I have another dust ruffle around here somewhere, that sham I put away may be good in here, some pillows upstairs……….that crazy mouse strikes again!  (Note the painted bed).


Today at Home……

After the last couple of weeks I had a problem coming up with something to blog about this week. Yeah –  I’ve admitted to being “in love” with all things house.   But somehow this week it felt almost a little callous and dispassionate to blog about my house on a hill, organizing, decorating, etc., when so many have lost their homes, their children, their stability, their security, their loved ones in the last two weeks.

One of my favorite pastors challenged us this week to just BE. That’s what I’m trying to do – love those I encounter, love on my family, and just BE.



Photo by Sarah Mickle