Today at Home…..

Oh, how I get used to sunny skies in the morning,  and then pout when it’s cloudy and rainy!  I love beautiful sunny mornings on the porch doing little fun stuff. Yesterday morning I finally painted a little Fall chalkboard sign for the front porch.


Please don’t judge my nasty porch –  I enjoy painting stuff but sweeping stuff just ain’t my thing!

This morning I started outside on the porch and did my reading and soaking in nature, but then here comes the rain.  When I came inside, grumbling all the way,  I decided to toast my English muffin and when I reached into the drawer for a bread tie, I found a total mess!

Since I help others with organizing on the cheap, I embarrassed myself! I don’t know about y’all, but these boxes of sandwich bags, freezer bags,  aluminum foil, and waxed paper (who even uses waxed paper anymore – I think I’ve had that roll for years!), are always taller than my drawer so I smash them down to fit.   I’m always re-organizing that drawer!  So, I grabbed some little plastic baskets from other random drawers, and while my first batch of muffins burned, I went to work.

I left some things in their boxes if they fit, but those gallon bags just had to be in a basket. I also tied all the baskets together to keep them stable and put things in order of use – notice that waxed paper is in the back. Now when I re-purchase, I’ll get rid of the cardboard boxes and put the supplies straight into their baskets.

This took me one burned English muffin and about fifteen minutes!  Now, I’ll have to run to Dollar Store to replace the baskets from those random drawers!

Have a great, dry Tuesday!


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