Another Day at Home on a Hill….

Well, I thought Ms. Organization (me) made the right decision last year when I put all my Fall and Christmas decorations upstairs in the Bonus room.

I mean, it’s all so well-organized in separate boxes and labeled with my label-maker with names like, “Entry Table”, “Mantle”, “Coffee Table”, etc.

But, I didn’t consider a bad back carrying all those boxes downstairs, decorating, and then returning them so nicely labeled back upstairs!

New plan……instead of carrying everything up and down 13 steps, I’m moving it all to the newly cleaned off shelves in the garage. Yep, 2 steps!  That way hopefully I won’t be sitting with a heating pad on my back after every large box.

I did get the mantle decorated at least!


I hope you’re enjoying your Tuesday – feels – like – a- Monday!


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