Today at Home…..

Oh, how I get used to sunny skies in the morning,  and then pout when it’s cloudy and rainy!  I love beautiful sunny mornings on the porch doing little fun stuff. Yesterday morning I finally painted a little Fall chalkboard sign for the front porch.


Please don’t judge my nasty porch –  I enjoy painting stuff but sweeping stuff just ain’t my thing!

This morning I started outside on the porch and did my reading and soaking in nature, but then here comes the rain.  When I came inside, grumbling all the way,  I decided to toast my English muffin and when I reached into the drawer for a bread tie, I found a total mess!

Since I help others with organizing on the cheap, I embarrassed myself! I don’t know about y’all, but these boxes of sandwich bags, freezer bags,  aluminum foil, and waxed paper (who even uses waxed paper anymore – I think I’ve had that roll for years!), are always taller than my drawer so I smash them down to fit.   I’m always re-organizing that drawer!  So, I grabbed some little plastic baskets from other random drawers, and while my first batch of muffins burned, I went to work.

I left some things in their boxes if they fit, but those gallon bags just had to be in a basket. I also tied all the baskets together to keep them stable and put things in order of use – notice that waxed paper is in the back. Now when I re-purchase, I’ll get rid of the cardboard boxes and put the supplies straight into their baskets.

This took me one burned English muffin and about fifteen minutes!  Now, I’ll have to run to Dollar Store to replace the baskets from those random drawers!

Have a great, dry Tuesday!


Saturday at Home……

What could be better than a beautiful warm and sunny day spent with your daughters?  We rarely see each other during the week because they both work in elementary schools, and those of you who are or who know teachers, know it’s definitely not an 8:00 to 3:00 job. They don’t have much time to visit until the weekends.

After grabbing breakfast together, we generally run errands together or spend time at one of our houses either doing little projects or just catching up. Having daughters is such a blessing from God and I’m so thankful they still want to spend time with me!

This is a recent closet organization job one of my daughters (youngest) did. She definitely has the “everything has a place” mentality that I ascribe to!


She bought the drawers from K-Mart several years ago and used them out of necessity when she had a much smaller closet. Now she uses them instead of using a dresser or chest in her bedroom.

She just added the shoe cubbies above the shelf for her collection of t-shirts (she collects them like nobody’s business!).  She just noticed in this picture that she needs all matching hangers.  We all agreed that is a first world problem!


The shoe cubbies are from Amazon ClosetMaid 8983 Stackable 15-Cube Organizer, White and are the perfect size to use either free-standing or above the shelf.  Her next project will be to paint the wood stained shelf in the second picture.

The old saying is true – apples don’t fall too far from the tree!



Today at Home on a Hill….


                                        Fall Decorations…………

When I decorate for any season, I use a lot of trays and baskets because they keep things contained – including all the mess. They also make things easy to transition from season to season.  I just pick up the whole tray and take it to the work table I use for decorations and, presto change-o!

I like using natural things like pine cones and limbs from my yard, but I don’t like a lot of orange.  But with the leaves in Middle Tennessee getting that light rust tinge thing going, I usually use some rusty colored leaves, white pumpkins, and small painted pumpkins.


The shallow tray (above) by the front door holds some painted pumpkins, acorns, dried grasses, and magnolia wreath




This lighted grape-vine pumpkin is in a clay pot (sitting in a shallow basket tray),  and the easy arrangement on the table is in a dough bowl.  I always look forward to putting out and using my brown Johnson Brothers dishes for fall and winter!




I haven’t done much on the front porch yet, but bought a HUGE yellow mum at a fall festival in my town over the weekend. I’ll work on that later this week after all our rain moves out.




Another Day at Home on a Hill….

Well, I thought Ms. Organization (me) made the right decision last year when I put all my Fall and Christmas decorations upstairs in the Bonus room.

I mean, it’s all so well-organized in separate boxes and labeled with my label-maker with names like, “Entry Table”, “Mantle”, “Coffee Table”, etc.

But, I didn’t consider a bad back carrying all those boxes downstairs, decorating, and then returning them so nicely labeled back upstairs!

New plan……instead of carrying everything up and down 13 steps, I’m moving it all to the newly cleaned off shelves in the garage. Yep, 2 steps!  That way hopefully I won’t be sitting with a heating pad on my back after every large box.

I did get the mantle decorated at least!


I hope you’re enjoying your Tuesday – feels – like – a- Monday!