Today at Home on the Hill…organize!

I’ve said how much I like to organize and I love it when someone else lets me take over their closets (oldest daughter!). Below is before and after of her office closet.  It had no real purpose until she decided to dedicate it to Christmas decorations!


The closet is deceptively wide and after measuring and shopping at Dollar General, I was able to get all of her small, lighted inside trees and larger items stuck in the closet to the left of the door.

The blue bag on the right is a hanging Glad bag that I can put several more pillows in and it only cost $6.00 at Dollar General.  The large clear tubs (35″ long) were $12.00 each and holds several trees and other decorations that were in various boxes and took up a lot of individual space.  She already had a three drawer cart on rollers and a smaller four drawer cart that I used to organize ornaments and wrapping paper and bags.

After moving some more storage boxes upstairs from the garage, we bought another three drawer shelf from Amazon,  3 drawer and were able to get all most of her huge bonus room  tree ornaments stored in the drawers.  When she decorates that tree, she can just take a drawer at a time to the tree instead of moving two or three boxes up 19 stairs from the garage!


You can see that I put the 2 three drawer carts together with plenty of room left over.  She has some extra long rolls of paper that I had standing up, but I put them between the shelf legs just because I could and because they’re pretty!  Once the rolls are open, they’ll do better standing up in the tub so the flapping rolls can be contained.



There are still a few boxes downstairs that we need to pull out and some tweaking to do, but, I think decorating this Christmas will be much easier. Now, if only we could get someone to do the actual decorating…..!


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