Today at Home on a Hill…..



The Epic Eclipse of 2017 was here and now it’s gone!  What a cool once in a lifetime experience – I don’t have a real bucket list, but wish I did so I could check ✔️ it off.

The dogs were ready to party, but that’s nothing really new when the three of them get together!



Before the short two plus minutes of totality, it was eerily quiet and breezy. It felt like we were the only ones around, and we noticed the  temperatures lower. We also observed  the darkness spreading over us – it was a surreal feeling seeing the sky and surroundings covered with a greenish/grayish tint.


Once the sun was totally covered, people all over the neighborhood erupted in cheers and applause.  The crickets began to chirp and I was touched once again by the majesty of creation!

As the sun started to return, we saw the solar snakes on the deck and heard the crickets disappear as daylight returned.


The remarkable experience today brought a renewed appreciation for the world around me and especially for the Creator of the Universe.    I hope those of you who were able to see it will also hold this awesome day in your hearts as the Heavens declared the glory….the skies proclaimed the work of His hands!


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