Today at Home on a Hill…

In case you haven’t heard the big news………the Eclipse is coming, the Eclipse is coming!!  It’s seriously an exciting event here in my town and since we’re in its pathway everyone is looking forward to seeing it in totality. 

Because our area is expecting 100,000-300,000+ visitors, we’re being encouraged to fill up our gas tanks, charge our phones, and stock up on groceries. After being a teacher for thirty years, this reminds me a lot of preparing for SNOW days!

We’re planning a viewing party – never need an excuse to party, right! – and some ideas for inexpensive and quick fixings are below:


-Moon pies

-Milky Ways

-Mars bars


-Sunny Delight

-Sunkist drinks

-Veggies (cucumbers, tomatoes) and fruit cut into circles and moon shapes

-Donut holes

-Oreo cookies (you can use them to replicate the eclipse as it happens by scraping the cream off)

-Crescent rolls or Croissant rolls with chicken salad

-Eclipse Or Orbit gum

Also, don’t forget the oatmeal box or Pringles containers to make pinhole cameras!

Heres a great NASA webpage for lots of eclipse information: NASA Prepares for Aug. 21 Total Solar Eclipse with Live Coverage, Safety Information, Nasa.gov


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