Friday Morning


It’s a beautiful morning with the sun moving in and out of the clouds and with the humidity back in force, but I’m still enjoying my quiet time on the porch.  (If you look too closely at this picture you’ll notice that I need to get up from here and clean the rails and floor!)


One fun thing I did this week was to organize my daughter’s pantry.  She’s a busy educator and since school is back in session, I thought I’d help her out – plus, she asked me to help her organize!  She is a fantastic cook and has much more in her pantry than I, but she doesn’t have the time to organize her stuff – so enter mama!  Here’s a before shot of her pantry:


As you can see, it’s definitely not a walk-in pantry – I can only imagine the food she’d put in there if it was!    The first thing I did was paint the bottom portion with some paint she had on hand.  The area around the trash can and dog food was not painted when she painted the kitchen, and she’s been working in this area for nine years so it was time  .

Next, I literally started removing every single item and started different piles around the kitchen.  I had already done this in my kitchen so I had a pretty good idea of how I wanted to organize things.  I tease her that she had five boxes of opened Panko crumbs that I combined into one – although now her Original Crumbs may taste a little Italian!

Next, I stole borrowed clear boxes from her garage shelves – okay, I may have thrown away a bunch of stuff that was in the boxes, but she had already given me permission to organize those supplies too!

As in my kitchen, 9 boxes this size fit perfectly.


The picture above shows that I had to go scavenge in the garage again for the top shelf. I had a left-over pile of coffee, tea, and Crystal Light and way too much unused space below, so I attached a little wire basket for those things at the bottom.


Carrie made the labels and we were finished. Now, I must say, I started the project but told her she could change out the boxes and shelves to fit her. What works in my kitchen isn’t necessarily what works for her. (I sadly have way more cookies and snacks, but she has tons more chips!).


This project was totally free since I used supplies she already had.  These boxes were originally purchased at Dollar General for about $4.00 each.  I used something similar but not see-through in my pantry below:



I love to organize on the cheap, and Carrie nominated her home office closet to work on next. Now, before you think I’m slighting my younger daughter, just know that she was also Born to Organize, so she doesn’t need my help at all!  Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!

Enjoying Home,



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