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Summer Mornings

It’s hard to believe it’s August in Middle Tennessee!  I don’t remember it ever being so cool on August mornings as it has been these last few days. It’s like a gift for all my teacher friends who had to return to work and do outside bus and car duty in the August sun and for all those folks who were hating July’s humidity.  I should be outside in the yard weeding, but it’s too nice to work this morning!

Sitting on the porch,  I’m actually wrapped in a throw as I enjoy the sounds, sights, and feel of nature.  I wish I could bottle all this up and bring it back out in January! Of course we all know that August will come back with a vengeance, but for now I’m loving it.



I love organizing almost more than eating…..yep, that’s true!  It must be a control issue, but I’m working on a project at my daughter’s house that I’ll post later this week.

Have a great week!

Enjoying Home,



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