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Organizing those Crazy, Small Closets

If you have one of these crazy, small coat closets that only holds a few coats but is great for catching everything that comes in the front door – take a look at a former coat closet that has just become a Supply Closet!  Click on the Organization Ideas tab above and see the little closet that could…..!


Today at Home on the Hill…organize!

I’ve said how much I like to organize and I love it when someone else lets me take over their closets (oldest daughter!). Below is before and after of her office closet.  It had no real purpose until she decided to dedicate it to Christmas decorations!


The closet is deceptively wide and after measuring and shopping at Dollar General, I was able to get all of her small, lighted inside trees and larger items stuck in the closet to the left of the door.

The blue bag on the right is a hanging Glad bag that I can put several more pillows in and it only cost $6.00 at Dollar General.  The large clear tubs (35″ long) were $12.00 each and holds several trees and other decorations that were in various boxes and took up a lot of individual space.  She already had a three drawer cart on rollers and a smaller four drawer cart that I used to organize ornaments and wrapping paper and bags.

After moving some more storage boxes upstairs from the garage, we bought another three drawer shelf from Amazon,  3 drawer and were able to get all most of her huge bonus room  tree ornaments stored in the drawers.  When she decorates that tree, she can just take a drawer at a time to the tree instead of moving two or three boxes up 19 stairs from the garage!


You can see that I put the 2 three drawer carts together with plenty of room left over.  She has some extra long rolls of paper that I had standing up, but I put them between the shelf legs just because I could and because they’re pretty!  Once the rolls are open, they’ll do better standing up in the tub so the flapping rolls can be contained.



There are still a few boxes downstairs that we need to pull out and some tweaking to do, but, I think decorating this Christmas will be much easier. Now, if only we could get someone to do the actual decorating…..!


Saturday at Home on a Hill…..

Lots of stuff going on at Home today while I enjoy this beautiful, unusually cool air. First off, here’s a great way to support Jonah’s Journey    This foundation supports women upon their release from prison as they become re-acquainted with their babies and start a new life.  They also support their caregivers and provide Christian foster care to children in need of a safe home.

A local woman with a huge heart (Barbara Harbin Roberson) is starting a “Welcome Home” campaign for these mothers to provide purses full of essential items (wallet, toiletries, lip balm, etc.) for women upon their release and diaper bags full of infant essentials for new babies and their caregivers.

There are two ways to help:

  1.  Donate new items for distribution OR
  2.  Purchase one of these really cute tshirts!  They are available in adult sizes S-XL for $20.00.


IMG_2919.PNGThanks for helping this fundraiser! Folks can message her on FB,  email broberson233@gmail.com or text her at 615-513-7610.


Today at Home on a Hill…

Embroidery Love

I really enjoy doing needlework at night while watching tv – one of the very rare things that keeps me from snacking and grazing after 7 PM! I’ve been working on embroidering pillowcases for some special girls, and remembering when my mom taught me this beautiful but simple art many years ago.

These are two different pillowcase sets that I bought online at Amazon, Tobin Stamped Pillowcase, Sunflower Yo-Yo.Tobin Stamped Pillowcase, Sunflower Yo-Yo.

I don’t usually use the embroidery thread recommended (not included in these kits) because I match up the colors for the people I’m making them for. I also purchase plain pillowcases and pencil in my own designs if I need something different.

This is a fun, easy project that will hopefully be enjoyed by those sweet girls who receive them.

Made with love!


Today at Home on a Hill…..



The Epic Eclipse of 2017 was here and now it’s gone!  What a cool once in a lifetime experience – I don’t have a real bucket list, but wish I did so I could check ✔️ it off.

The dogs were ready to party, but that’s nothing really new when the three of them get together!



Before the short two plus minutes of totality, it was eerily quiet and breezy. It felt like we were the only ones around, and we noticed the  temperatures lower. We also observed  the darkness spreading over us – it was a surreal feeling seeing the sky and surroundings covered with a greenish/grayish tint.


Once the sun was totally covered, people all over the neighborhood erupted in cheers and applause.  The crickets began to chirp and I was touched once again by the majesty of creation!

As the sun started to return, we saw the solar snakes on the deck and heard the crickets disappear as daylight returned.


The remarkable experience today brought a renewed appreciation for the world around me and especially for the Creator of the Universe.    I hope those of you who were able to see it will also hold this awesome day in your hearts as the Heavens declared the glory….the skies proclaimed the work of His hands!


Today at Home on a Hill…

In case you haven’t heard the big news………the Eclipse is coming, the Eclipse is coming!!  It’s seriously an exciting event here in my town and since we’re in its pathway everyone is looking forward to seeing it in totality. 

Because our area is expecting 100,000-300,000+ visitors, we’re being encouraged to fill up our gas tanks, charge our phones, and stock up on groceries. After being a teacher for thirty years, this reminds me a lot of preparing for SNOW days!

We’re planning a viewing party – never need an excuse to party, right! – and some ideas for inexpensive and quick fixings are below:


-Moon pies

-Milky Ways

-Mars bars


-Sunny Delight

-Sunkist drinks

-Veggies (cucumbers, tomatoes) and fruit cut into circles and moon shapes

-Donut holes

-Oreo cookies (you can use them to replicate the eclipse as it happens by scraping the cream off)

-Crescent rolls or Croissant rolls with chicken salad

-Eclipse Or Orbit gum

Also, don’t forget the oatmeal box or Pringles containers to make pinhole cameras!

Heres a great NASA webpage for lots of eclipse information: NASA Prepares for Aug. 21 Total Solar Eclipse with Live Coverage, Safety Information, Nasa.gov


Today at Home on a Hill…….



Fall is coming and I usually start decorating the end of September – got to get that fall stuff up, enjoy it, and be ready for Christmas decorating in November!  I just turn up the air in September and get those pumpkins and other fall decorations out.

The wreath pictured above is one I made for my daughter and you can learn how to make it by clicking onto the Get Crafty tab above.  I’ve worked on a few additional pages for the blog to include some books I’m loving, organization ideas, recipes, and crafts to try.  I found the wreath on Just Call Me Girl’s website, justcallmehomegirl.com/easiest-burlap-wreath-video-tutorial/

As they say, it’s easy peasy.  Hope y’all have a great week!

Enjoying Home,