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Monday Thoughts….and DONATE for a Great Cause….

After a busy, birthday partying, dinner with the sisters and family,  rainy but fun weekend, this Monday morning is quiet and gloriously cool and beautiful. After all the cloudiness, rain, and humidity in middle Tennessee in August, today brings a nice respite.  I’m enjoying the weather and the gentle reminders of life.

I’m babysitting these two cuties today –


-and of course my precious Mason is supervising!


I wanted to share something with our Nashville area friends:  As I mentioned in a blog two years ago, our crazy, Godly, funny, story-telling, Gospel preaching, loving pastor David Landrith lost his fight with melanoma in November, 2014, and there will be a walk in his honor on October 1st.  If you’re like me, you’ve probably lost someone dear to you (both my parents) with that terrible disease – CANCER.  Please read the post written by his daughter below and participate or donate!





Hope you’re having a wonderful Monday.

Enjoying Home, 




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