Cutting the Cords…..

You need to understand – I was a child of the 50’s and 60’s during the infancy of televisions in homes.  Yes, that makes me sound (and feel) very old!


I really enjoyed watching some of these oldies as we gathered as a family around that little square box (later those sleek rectangular babies that really did bring me much joy!).  That was back in the days before we were told that parents and children should talk to each other at night.  Both of my parents worked hard all day and it was such a nice time,  while after dinner as they read the newspaper, after we finished our homework and took our baths, to sit together, eat a little ice cream, and laugh at other families like Ozzie and Harriett’s and Robert Young’s.


             Please don’t judge me, but it brings me to my obesession/addiction to tv over the years!  Maybe it’s my age, maybe it’s all the violence that takes my focus off the One in control, maybe I’m just tired of all the political junk going on, but with a fairly moderate Comcast plan with about a million channels at my fingertips, I’m having such a hard time finding anything valuable to watch anymore.  Yep, I’m sounding more like an old foggy as I type.

              So, as part of that intentional living I’m striving for, I’ve decided to cut the cords  — goodbye tv (s).   Goodbye sweet “frenemy”…….I’ll just ponder all the fun things I’ll do instead!

Enjoying Home,






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