dad, mom, Snow

Snow, snow, snow……..snow, snow!

Well, it finally happened. It’s been “spitting snow” for a month now – we even had a school’s out day or two –  but the real stuff, that one inch beauty where the roads and grass are covered is finally right here in Middle Tennessee!  We have missed so many chances of snow this year – it’s been on the radar seemingly every other day, and our neighbors just to the north and south have had the pleasure of those big fat wet flakes, but not us.  No, no, no, it’s just rained around here!   image It’s on the radar again for Monday but I don’t even care. I had the pleasure of waking up to this Wintery Wonderland this morning and NOW I’m satisfied. The yearnings of my childhood heart are complete for another winter. You see, snow used to be a given here in Middle Tennessee. It’s wintertime, so it WILL snow and probably a lot!  Daddy had to often pull out the snow shovel, and mom made us some snow creme (of course, that was before we became so smart and heeded the warnings of the pollutants in the atmosphere and learned that snow creme had radioactive stuff in it !).



Although today is Saturday and there’s no chance of school being called, this is a  wonderful snowy morning!! image


Even the dogs got into the action of wishing and hoping. Here they are yesterday afternoon watching and waiting!   image ……and here’s Murphy trying to figure this stuff out!   image   image   Even though the temps are scheduled to be in the low 40s  this afternoon and this wintry bliss may only last a few hours, I’m pulling out all the props to go with the white stuff this morning:   image



So, while this is only a fleeting joy, it will be filed away in my heart with those other memories that make life worth living. Hope you’re enjoying your Saturday and filing lots of memories away too!

Enjoying Home!



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