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And Everything in Its Place……Organization, part 2

Ask anyone who knows me, I’m an ultra-organized person. I get really excited when I see a mess that I can get my hands on and make into an organized, reasonable, well-thought out pile of stuff.   I don’t remember,  but my mama’s mantra must have been “everything has a place, and everything in its place”  because that’s the way my orderly little mind thinks.

Below are some pictures of some areas I’ve organized. I’ve posted the first two closets before – they’re in my third bedroom which is now an office.  I like to scrapbook and sew, and I wanted a place to organize those supplies plus just everyday things like cards, stationery and gift bags.  As I mentioned before, I took off the doors for those two closets and started there.

This one houses all the craft supplies, sewing machine (behind the curtain) and several on-going projects
This one houses all the craft supplies, sewing machine (behind the curtain) and several on-going projects


Office supplies, stationery, gift wrap, and gift bags Office supplies, stationery, gift wrap, and gift bags


This is an up-close picture of a garage sale shelf that keeps my scrapbooks nearby.


Some paint, stamps and a great carousel of scissors with different cutting designs that Carrie bought me last year – so handy!  I recently bought these plastic drawers for stationery, gift bags, tissue paper and Christmas bags and cards. I put temporary labels on the drawers but I would love to put vinyl letters – that would be much cuter!



These are some soft baskets for my iron and other supplies in  my  laundry room.  I put tags and labels on everything to help me keep things in their correct place.   These baskets were a drab green so I painted the polka dots on and found the little wood labels at Walmart.


Although I don’t really like to cook, I like to keep things orderly in the kitchen. This is my pantry and I had a little help on the labels from Sarah – she’s much neater than I.


This hardware drawer gets more use than probably any in the house, so I bought cheap little baskets and connected them with bread ties. That way the basket fits the sizes I need and still compartmentalizes well.

Hall closet keeps extra sheets, towels, paper products.


The master bedroom closet doesn’t escape my organizational madness!  It’s not a huge closet but you can tell from the pictures that I use every inch  of it.




Lest you think everything is well organized at Maison Mickle – think again!  These pictures show just a few projects for this year!

imageimageimageI’m not sure there are enough baskets and labels in the world for these messes!

Challenge taken!

Enjoying Home,



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