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Counting Down 2013 and Time to Get Organized Again…..

All the trees and trimmings are packed away until next year – and you know that ugly, empty look that comes with “de-decorating” – it reared its nasty head again!  Once the trees are taken down, everything always looks blank and morose. I figured it’s time to do some fluffing, layering, and of course adding the new decor I received for Christmas. That’s one thing I like about decorating too. I rarely layer or fluff like it was before seasonal decorating. The outcome always surprises me. I like using baskets, trays, and plate stands to both organize and layer:image This is an example of surprising results. I decided the end table I had used before Christmas just wasn’t hacking it this year, so I passed it down to my girls and I shopped around the house (I frequently use the “Rob Peter to pay Paul method). I pulled in this patio table that has visited many different sights over the years.  It looks great in front of the LR window with a lamp and basket of my favorite books on it.   image Image Image I also like buying seasonal items at drastic discounts that I can use year-round. This little green basket was in the marked-down aisle at JoAnn’s and the color is perfect for the guest bath.

Using plate stands thicken up smaller items and give obvious height to horizontally-challenged pieces. I also love the log candle stands that I borrowed from my daughter Carrie until I can get my own (BTW, that’s one of the REALLY nice things about daughters, we share things!).  I still decorate with pine cones, candles, burlap,  and lanterns for this time of the year because they’re just as “wintry” as “Christmasy”.

image   image   A new chalkboard for my dining room found just the right place too.   image

I have some more organization I’m working on that I’ll share later on. I’m not sure why I like to organize so much – but I think it might possibly have to do with trying to be in control of things.  Hmmmm…..sounds a little familiar here!  Enjoy your last couple of days of 2013 and,

Enjoy Home!



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