Fall, leaves, projects, woods

November already?!?

This year is really clicking right on by!  My holidays are colliding with one another and this is the season when everything is a blur – from October through New Year’s Day, it’s hard to get through one season or holiday before getting into the next. I went to my quick stop, they have almost everything – Dollar Store – to look for some fall leaves, and right there next to the ghost and goblins were the Christmas decorations! In the mix and chaos of holiday “almagamation” though, I found some little black candle holders, intended for Halloween, that I could use on the chest inside my front door because of the color: image So, for two-three dollars each, I can use these all year long. One little project that I’ve been working on was finished for Thanksgiving.  A cheap frame, some scrap book paper and print the caption – image I took advantage of a recent storm to pick up twigs from my yard to add some nature – this is a cheap and easy way to decorate for fall! image imageSo, if you’re like me, just hang on, slow down and just try to enjoy the ride!  I personally try to take in the beauties of each season and enjoy them as they arrive. image image Enjoying Home! Linda


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