Bliss, Mason, pumpkins

Blissful Friday…….

It’s a beautiful Friday and the temp this morning was 46 degrees in my area of the world. The sun is shining, I’m on vacation, and all is right with my world for a while! Since the past few days were rainy, the sun is especially welcoming today and it inspires me to get my projects going today. Of course, Mason just wants my lap, so I sit down and oblige him occasionally.


I visited the local farmer’s market the other day to pick up some pumpkins and saw this creative use of corn stalks:

 Bushels and Petals
Bushels and Petals

I bought some hay and pumpkins to go in my little buggy in the front yard. Who knew a bale was so heavy (farmers I guess, huh?).



Well, up and at ’em to get some more bliss soaked in today. Mason will still be waiting when I get tired again. Hope you find your bliss today.

Enjoying Home!


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