Autumn’s First Day!

Fall came in with a few showers, but was welcomed with lower temps!  The highs in the 70’s for the weekend energized this girl, and got me outside cleaning up some flower beds and getting some more fall decorations started. I haven’t bought any pumpkins yet, but wanted to try my hand at styling an urn with fall leaves and such. I used as inspiration the urn from Pinterest:

Via Foxhollow
Via Foxhollow


So, after a quick trip to Michael’s and a shop through my yard for branches, I moved the still lush fern out of my urn and put my spin on it:


After the temps stay low, I’ll add some pumpkins and gourds to the porch. I also have an old metal scrolled buggy – well, it’s on loan from Carrie – and I’d like to dress it up like the buggy below:

From Pinterest
From Pinterest

Update on those efforts later. By the time I get all these things done, it will be time to decorate for Christmas! Boy, do I have some ideas for that…….!

Enjoying Home!


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