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This and That

Remember my new garage door posted a few posts ago ( I still love it Matt with Accudoor! It’s like driving a cadillac – it glides so smoothly and quietly!).


I knew when I replaced it that I would want to add some touches to the front of the house to tie it all together.  While I would love to buy a  solid wood door to go with my new wood grain garage door, my budget says, “WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!?!?  You have a perfectly good door!  No WAY, Josea!”  My budget can be pretty sarcastic and downright abusive at times!  So, I bought a quart of paint and went from shiny black…..


… semi gloss brown.


I really like to paint but I HATE to prep.

imageI’m a pretty good trimmer so I usually trim around hardware and other stuff, but I know that’s the lazy way to do it. This time I thought I would try a tip I saw on Pinterest. It suggested you wrap Saran Wrap around the hardware and it coats the parts you want to keep paint from.


I wish I could report it a major success, but, no, it didn’t work well.  I couldn’t get it to cling enough to keep the paint off. In fact, it started falling off and making a huge mess.


Next time I’ll get the blue tape out and do it the right way!

I do like the shade of brown though-  nice little update for a quart of paint that cost less than $10.00.  Now, maybe a Craftsman style door knocker….


…or possibly update with a light fixture…


imageI still use this little symbol/hardware that has been on every front door for the past 20 years.


On another front and project update, I found the buffalo check curtains for the dining room and was thrilled that the panels were on sale!  The only problem, I need one more panel and they sold out of the 96 inch ones.  I keep checking online and may need to come up with Plan B!  I’ll show you when they’re finished.

I hope y’all have a great week, and keep on smiling like little Murphy:


Enjoying Home!



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