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A Morning of Reflection

I usually tell you about all things home in this blog, but not so much today. This week was our second full week of school and while it was an easy opening, challenges were still abundant. Adding a teacher, moving kiddos to the new teacher, changes in grading, reports due, being sure everyone had everything they needed. All parts of a job I adore.

But this week also brought some things that should NEVER happen. You see, both of my daughters are also educators and this week they both faced the death of precious students – both little girls – both with special needs. My daughter Carrie lost a child from her school in a car accident. The child also lost both parents. Yesterday Carrie’s school honored her with a celebration of life. What a fitting way to honor a third grader – jumping rope!!

My younger daughter Sarah also lost a precious student this week – a little girl that Sarah had worked with for two years, another precious little gift from God. She died after a long illness and we all mourned. As I prayed for both families and both my daughters, Sarah reminded me that her little Selena now has a perfect little body, one that allows her to walk, run, and laugh like all little girls should.

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

I’m reminded again about the role teachers and educators take in the middle of “teaching” their young charges – the extreme love they show every single day to their kids, how much they invest themselves into those little lives. I really believe the scripture that says those who give even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones will receive a reward. I’m thankful that my daughters and other teachers do just that!


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