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Staple gun..check, Fabric…check..No Sew…Yes!

I showed you the guest bed a few posts ago and said I’d like to cover the original cover.

The padded headboard is from Ballard and VERY inexpensive
The padded headboard is from Ballard and VERY inexpensive

I’ve been thinking about what I wanted that would go with the wall cover, but also with the somewhat bold duvet cover on the bed. I had one piece of fabric that I tried, but didn’t like the color with the paint color.


So, the hunt was on. Yesterday, Sarah and I checked out JoAnn’s, and since they’re moving to a new location just down the street, they were very picked over, dark, and dreary……my favorite environment for looking for a good deal! A lot of the fabric was just too limp, a lot was too busy for the duvet, but right before we gave up and left, Sarah found it! It’s a blue , green, and ivory stripe that has good body and was on SALE. Originally, $35.00 a yard, it was 50% off (which is a pretty standard sale on fabric at JoAnn’s), but they added another 33% off because of the move! So for barely $20.00, I covered the headboard.

First I tried the stripes vertically:


While I really liked it that way, I just didn’t have enough fabric to run from side to side and would have to make a seam. I didn’t want to A) see a seam, B) get out the sewing machine – so I went horizontal.



I really like this little change and it was so easy. Since I know myself pretty well, and may decide to try something else in that room at some point, stapling it to the back frame was the easiest way to make the change and it isn’t permanent.

Now, if only I can find the buffalo check I would like for the dining room windows that cheap!


I’ll keep you posted!

Have a great week.
Enjoying Home!


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