Garage Door

Garage Door Envy

Ok, let’s just say that I’ve never really given garage doors much thought. They open, they close, they protect my car, and provide security and added protection for my home. That’s what mine USED to do – before the “incident”. About two months ago, my electricity went off and I decided I needed to leave and since the electric door wouldn’t work, I tried the little red plastic handle hanging by a thin red rope from the ceiling. Easy, right? My goodness! Nobody told me how heavy that door was…and it flew up and right back down, crashing to the ground. I decided my errand could wait and went back inside. The next time I opened the garage door, it got stuck down and my neighbor had to come rescue me. Long story short….

Before I added the hinges and handles
Before I added the hinges and handles


After the “incident”


Let me just say, I always kinda disliked that big white door – it’s so white and massive AND the first thing you see. I always had a little “garage door envy” for a wood door. My brick is dark and I always thought the house would look nice with some craftsman style. Little did I know that my big, white door would break and would need to be replaced. When my door expert, Matt, told me he had to share some bad news, a new door was needed….I did a little dance in my head! I sure didn’t want to spend the money, but now was better timing than later……and, wait for it…..I could get the wood grain look for only an extra $100.00. Here it is:



True to my, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie outlook, now in thinking if only I could add some rock to the front columns, or maybe just around the Garage door…..


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