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Instant Chalkboards

Maybe because I’ve been a teacher/principal for 25+ years I have an affinity for chalkboards and chalk!  Back in the day we called them blackboards, even though they were sometimes green, and all teachers have ruined many clothes with chalk dust. Plus the sound made with fingernails on the board resonate in teachers’ minds (I’m sure those fourth grade boys made those sounds accidentally!). It was always tough getting sentences written in a straight line – by the end of the sentence you noticed a nosedive down or if you were really talented, a spike upward.  Nowadays, we have whiteboards that use markers, and even smart boards that use hands and fingers!

So, you might wonder why I’ve become obsessed with chalkboards!  I think it’s more about sentimentality and function than the desire to smell chalk dust again. Below are a few chalkboards I’ve done lately.


This shows a better view of the green I painted it
This shows a better view of the green I painted it

This little chalkboard on a stand was on sale and really cheap at Hobby Lobby – the only problem for me was that it was painted in a hot pink and black zebra stripe – not a great color for my kitchen. I painted it green, put a couple of coats of chalkboard paint, and the little flower. You can see this displayed the countdown of days left in the last school year!

This board hangs in my closet and I use it for scripture to encourage me daily. This one is actually a complete picture frame, glass and all. I used spray-on chalk paint and used about seven coats of paint on the glass, then reunited the glass and frame. As you can tell, I change this one frequently and I haven’t taken the time to clean it up very well – I hate messy, but it is what it is!


This one was a larger job, but such fun! My school was built in the ’50s and has been renovated, but the vault, so familiar in old school offices, remains. You can see by the padlock, we no longer use the original locks and dials but need to keep it secure because of its use as a supply closet.


I painted this with about 4-5 coats with chalk paint and a brush. It’s in the front office and displays messages for our parents and visitors.

One more picture. This is one I made for my daughters’ house. They put such a great scripture for a woman’s home -love it!

In their kitchen - a gentle reminder of who they are.
In their kitchen – a gentle reminder of who they are.

I love taking something old or something that is a good deal but needs a little tweaking to be useable. Hope you have a great weekend!

Enjoying Home,


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