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Mid-summer Deck

I’m sitting on the deck this morning before the storms move in and enjoying the light breeze that comes before the rain. Thought I’d share some pictures:



I love my bottle tree and beautiful pink geraniums (I always go with red but decided on this color because they were so pretty). The bottle tree is well-known in the South, but I don’t believe in the superstition of the bottles catching spirits! Just love the colors and its unique structure.

You’ll notice Mason in a couple of these pictures – he’s such a scavenger and sniffing the whole deck – he doesn’t even realize he’s photo bombing!


This little guy came back from Tybee Island with us last year – can’t imagine how he got up that tree! You might also notice the gnaw marks on the railings from Mason’s arch-enemy, SQUIRREL!


Since I live in the treetops and have nature all around me, I really like bird houses. I don’t really encourage them to actually USE the houses though – I’m a little afraid of birds!
Here are a couple of the houses:


She got this one at Hilton Head a few years ago.
WE got this one at Hilton Head a few years ago.

Last but not least, Sarah gave me this little butterfly statue

When God brings change, He also brings beauty!
When God brings change, He also brings beauty!

after I went through a really rough patch – the words are exactly what I needed to see. I recall that I burst out in tears when I read it! God is always so good and faithful to bring beauty out of a bad situation.

Well, the rain is here so I’m moving inside. Enjoy your Sunday and your week!

Enjoying Home,


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