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Welcome to Another Saturday!

I’m going to have to change my blogging schedule so I won’t always be visiting with you on Saturdays! I’m sitting here, after making a breakfast run with Carrie, waiting for another load of clothes to finish their cycle. I started thinking about another project I’m planning. Every December my girls and I have a Cookie Swap – this year will mark our 15th – and I start thinking of things I want to do to get ready. While I always live downstairs, I have a perfectly nice bonus room upstairs that I really only use during Christmas! Because part of our guests go upstairs, I put a tree up there and decorate, but the room is very much forgotten the rest of the year.

Here’s a view of the stairs (pretty steep) and the room from the door:


As I said, the room is largely forgotten and it also gets the pleasure of receiving all the cast offs from downstairs. Last year I did put bead board wallpaper up and paint it, but it desperately needs a face lift. The room has a slanted ceiling and furniture placement and accessorising is difficult.


I have books and a tv up there, as well as a big comfy couch, but it still needs a lot of TLC. One weekend, Sarah sat down in a chair and we saw a little lizard run out from underneath her chair, so guess who refuses to even go up there?!? I had left a window open for some fresh air, and the little creature thought it was an invitation for him to get comfy too!

A lot of my books are housed in these baskets.
A lot of my books are housed in these baskets.



Well, as you can see, this is an ongoing project. Some new curtains – maybe some I’ve used downstairs – relocate things from other areas, and other accessories will liven up the old girl before Christmas. Plus, what room doesn’t look gorgeous decorated for Christmas!?!

I also have that pesky garage door problem that I’ll tell you about soon! Hope you all have a MARVELOUSLY restful and fun Saturday!

Enjoying Home,


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