Changes, Furniture, Great room


I’m always looking around and trying to make things even better. I live with things for a while and decide if it works or not. My daughter commented last night that she likes the arrangement in the living/family room but she knows not to get used to it! I also get frustrated when I can’t get it just right….but I keep trying. I’ve had such a love/hate relationship with my living room. It started out with wood floors and a dark “persian-type” rug. It’s now a sisal rug. I went from a dark brown love seast to a goldish tan mid-century couch, back to that same dark brown love seat. My room isn’t large. Some might even say it’s pretty small. But the major problem is that one wall has a fireplace, one wall has 2 windows and there are no other solid walls. Not easy to decorate!

On the next post, I’ll upload pictures of the before and after. I’ve also ordered a natural rattan coffee table bench to take the place of the too dark ottoman (which was fine with the goldish-tan mid-century couch but is too dark with the dark brown loveseat).


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